For us, viticulture and winemaking are a handicraft, although we do not ‘make’ any wine. We find ourselves in the fortunate position of possessing the best vineyards in the Middle Nahe – each one of them quite different from the others. The team assembled around cellarmaster Karsten Peter cultivates our steeply-sloped vineyards all year round with refined intuition and a great reservoir of knowledge with respect to the particular demands of the individual parcels, in order to successfully express the distinctive endowments of each one of our thirty hectares under vines – all of them classified as VDP.Grosse Lage. The result? Only the finest and most expressive Rieslings, wines which unmistakably convey their sense of origin and the signature of the grower – from the entry level VDP estate wines  to the pinnacle, the VDP.Grosses Gewächs.

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