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Four Bottles- The Wine podcast


Wine Number One is German, a dry 2018 Riesling from Gut Hermannsberg on the Nahe – a GG (Großes Gewächs is German for ”Grand Cru”), the top quality levl from this producer. “When I tasted this wine I instantly fell in love with it and immediately wanted to order some,” sais Kutej. However, that wasn’t possible: when he rang the estate they told him that Lufthansa had purchased the entire inventory of this wine for their first class passengers…


However, there’s some comfort for those who can’t afford to travel first class: Gut Hermannsgberg has 7 GGs, “which is really a lot of choice,” said Michael Kutj. The judgment of the bottled tested by Lars Haider can be expressed in two sentences: “Sensational! Let’s pack up now, because wine can’t taste better than this.” And that although the bottle would cost just 26 Euros if you could still buy a bottle.


“The 2018 vintage live from its juiciness,” Kutej sais. “This Riesling has a relatively high alcoholic content, which also helps support the flavors. And because there’s a little touch of sweetness in the wine, the acidity doesn’t feel so strong.”


Important to know: the 2018 vintage GGs could not be released before the 1st September 2019; no GG can be released before the September of the year following the harvest. “And for many wine producers that’s also too early, so some of them don’t release these wines until they’re as much as five years old,” said Kutej.


Another important aspect of this elite class od wines: there may only be one bottling of each GG in order to avoid confusion. If there are later bottlings of the same wine, then these must carry a different name, for example Reserve.