Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube

You’ll never forget the view from our terrace over six wide vineyard terraces separated from each other by mighty stone walls. And the wine from the Kupfergrube, German for copper mine, tastes as spectacular as this site looks.

The Kupfergrube wines have been dividing opinion since the first vintage in 1910 due to a pungent smoky minerality that many wine lovers find electrifying. Although old wine books say that peach is the classic Riesling aroma, an intense grapefruit character is also part of the unique personality of the Kupfergrube. For the hard core of Kupfergrube fans scattered around Planet Wine there’s no doubt that it is one of the world’s great dry whites!

Because we own fully 12 hectares in this GG / Grand Cru site wine from the youngest vines here forms the base of our 7 Terroirs cuvee. Our village wine Vom Vulkan also comes 100% from the Kupfergrube. It offers a moderately priced introduction to this warm and spicy, yet racy and crisp micro-cosmos of aroma and flavour. It’s released in the spring after the harvest, but for a first encounter with the breathtaking Kupfergrube GG you’ll have to wait five years from the day the grapes were picked. It’s well worth the long wait!

Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube
Schloss Böckelheimer Kupfergrube B
Schloss Böckelheimer Kupfergrube C

Schlossböckelheimer Kupfergrube Weine

Ausverkauft Kupfergrube GG 2017


75,00 €
(100,00 €/L)
Vom Vulkan

VOM VULKAN Schlossböckelheim - 2021 trocken

18,90 €
(25,20 €/L)
Subskription 2023

SUBSKRIPTION - 2018 Kupfergrube GG Reserve

75,00 €
67,50 €
(100,00 €/L)