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Rotenberg Spätlese


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Sweet and Nobly Sweet Wines

The beautifully balanced sweet and nobly sweet wines impress you through their richness of contrasts and remarkably complex composition: a hint of yellow peach, aromatic citrus fruits, natural sweetness and salty freshness. These wines really are something special. Their spritz-filled souls make the wine lover’s heartbeat faster when she realizes that their youthfulness is almost immortal. Each nobly sweet wine is an ambassador for the vineyard site where it ripened. The interplay of warming sunshine with refreshing cool wind from the West gives the wines a balance that’s unparalleled.

“Nobly sweet” refers to wines that are defined by their generous natural grape sweetness. The nobly ripened grapes give aromas reminiscent of honey, ripe peach, roses or caramel.


Riesling Kabinett

Riesling Kabinett has a filigree all of its own. Lightness and pin-point balance accompany the wine’s subtle aromas. A very special composition makes this wine the perfect end to the day, but it also discreetly and stylishly pairs with the dishes of the day. It’s home vineyard sites come together in the glass, each bringing different characteristics to form a symbiosis of fruity-sweet elegance and fresh minerality. Our Riesling Kabinett accompanies exotic Asian dishes with fish and chili as happily as it does a local roast goose. Or well chilled it makes the perfect summer wine. It’s a multi-talented individualist.


Altenbamberger Rotenberg Spätlese

Our Altenbamberger Rotenberg Spätlese entangles you from the first sniff of its bouquet. It presents you with a range of aromas that includes red berries, but also juicy ripe figs and blood orange, so that the wine is like a whole basket of fruit. The fine acidity of this Spätlese acts as a counterpoint to the natural grape sweetness on the palate, preventing it from tasting cloying. The south-facing slopes of this spectacular site, the Altenbamberger Rotenberg, are the furthest from the Gut Hermannsberg cellars. They look out over the valley of the Alsenz, a tributary of the Nahe. This steep hillside composed of volcanic Rhyolite overlook the town of Altenbamberg where the cooling wind enables the grapes to ripen slowly. The red soil gives this unique vineyard site its name. They are also the highest altitude vineyards of Gut Hermannsberg,a situation which shapes the wines’ acidity structure giving the wines unbelievable tension.


Niederhäuser Steinberg Spätlese

Our Niederhäuser Steinberg Spätlese is a naturally sweet wine with a surprising mineral freshness alongside the mouth-filling fruit character, the nose and palate spoiling your senses with citrus fruit and salty freshness. Exoticness is married to understatement to make this wine a box full of surprises. Through aging in the bottle its palpable potential develops, the picturesque and complex aromas unfurling in a clear line. It creates a harmony of opposites, is a wine that could only come into existence in the special climate of the Nahe and will unquestionably give you great pleasure.


Top Wines from Conviction

Gut Hermannsberg has dedicated itself to the creation of top wines for more than a 100 years. We are determined to make all the facets of the world of white wines accessible for you to experience: nobly sweet wines, Riesling, Sekt, Orstweine/Village Wines, Gutsweine/Estate Wines, Große Gewächs/Grand Crus. Our range is wide, but we retain a clear overview and make sure every wine in our cellar develops into an original statement. Our 7 vineyard sites, that the Verband deutscher Prädikatsweingüter, VDP for short, has classified as VDP. Großen Lagen/Grand Crus give wines of the highest quality and originality. Under winemaker Karsten Peter we produce wines that communicate the estate’s highest goal since the Reidel family took control of it in 2009: to take Gut Hermannsberg to the pinnacle of Germany’s wine estates with authentic Rieslings from the very best sites.

We will gladly answer your questions, will recommend wines from our range that suit your needs and either send them to you by the quickest means or welcome you here at Gut Hermannsberg.