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Mixed Wine Cases – Variations Tastefully Composed

The mixed wine cases from Gut Hermannsberg bring our diversity into your home. They’re an outstanding way to get to know the current Gut Hermannsberg range and experience the individual characteristics of the wines. We want to show you at least selections of the great variety that Gut Hermannsberg’s 7 VDP. Grosse Lagen create, which is also our daily fascination. A mixed case gives those who don’t yet know Gut Hermannsberg and its fantastic wines the chance to experience something of what excites us.


The wine estate presents itself

Through a mixed wine case you get to know the fascination that we live day to day and which we have redefined for ourselves. But who are “we”? Gut Hermannsberg was founded as the Royal Prussian Domain, and has always been devoted to the production of world-class wines. Since 2009 when the Reidel family took charge, and our team of wine, restaurant and customer service professionals have striven to make the estate’s wines an exceptional experience. All 7 vineyard sites were ranked in the highest level of the vineyard classification of the Verband Deutscher Prädikatsweingüter. The yields in these sites are strictly limited and the wines that grow here are the product of a great deal of labour, care and attention to detail, ripening into masterpieces that deserve to be known by every wine lover as a great works of art. Our goal is to take the reputation of Gut Hermannsberg back to the very top where it long stood. The philosophy of Gut Hermannsberg is very strict: “Everything that a wine needs comes from the vineyard. That’s where the focus of our work lies. We don’t take anything away from our wines or add anything to them. In this way, very natural, original, honest and great wines come into being.”

We treat each vineyard individually without any trace of dogma and not according to the book. Instead, he “reads” each vineyard and vintage in order to understand how to guide each so that it develops its own special talents. In fact, he reads each plot of vines individually. Each lot of crushed grapes macerates in order to get as much extract as possible and give the resulting wines a long ageing potential. All the wines are wild fermented and finings are avoided. In this way genuine individualists come into being.


What is in a mixed wine case?

In our online shop you find a large selection of mixed wine cases, each of which offers, according to its size and the selection of wines included, a different diversity. They range from a small tasting box with our all-rounder white wines that are perfect for every occasion up to an exclusive selection of the royal class of Riesling, the VDP. Gr0ssen Gewächsen. Find your way to your favorite wine, get to know the estate, us and our philosophy.

As our winemaker says, “dogma isn’t our thing, rather we want individuality.” You taste exactly this individuality in all our wines.


A mixed wine case as a present?

So you already got to know us and recognized what unique and individual wines are hidden away  inside the bottles that leave our cellar? Then treat your favorite people to this experience. If you’re looking for a present that shows you put thought into choosing it and has a greater value than “just” wine, then you have found what you’re looking for. Gut Hermannsberg’s mixed wine cases are more than a taste of our range. Because of the careful composition of each selection they’re experiences you give away. You are giving quality time, pleasure and emotion; an entire experience that will be long remembered. Give your favorite people the chance to experience white wine anew and taste over a thousand years of history. The mixed wine cases from Gut Hermannsberg are ideal for anyone who enjoys wine.