Traiser BASTEI 

We know of no vineyard more extreme than Traiser Bastei. It's merely a narrow strip of vines at the base of the over 200-meter-high Rotenfels - German for red cliffs.

The extremely barren soil consists of stones that have fallen from the rock over millennia and accumulated at the base of this giant. This fact, combined with average annual rainfall of just 500mm, has transformed the Riesling vines here into almost bonsais. The yield from this vineyard, which is not even a full hectare, amounts to just a few thousand bottles per year – and this wine is simply astonishing!

To fully reveal its warm and enigmatic personality, our "Bastei GG" requires a bit more time, so it's only bottled after a two-year yeast aging. Despite its inclination toward opulence – ripe apricot and mango notes are typical – it bids farewell on the palate with a cool, distinct mineral tingle.

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BASTEI RIESLING GG - 2021 trocken

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