Traiser BASTEI 

The VDP.GROSSE LAGE® Bastei is one of the most spectacular vineyard sites in Germany. The vines thrive beneath the tallest rock wall north of the Alps, standing at 200 meters high, rooting deeply in rhyolite rubble, always surrounded by a refreshing breeze.

The red rock tower overlooks and protects the vineyard, retaining warmth during the day while cooling significantly at night. The rocky soil consists of stones that have crumbled from the rock over millennia. Here, almost nothing grows, but the vine manages nonetheless – an extreme terroir! The wines are consequently powerful and subtle in acidity, coupled with delicate stone fruit aromas and the distinctive pronounced mineral character. The result is an outstanding, unique, and characterful wine from a breathtaking location.



Community:   Traisen

Classified area:   2 hectares

Ownership:   1 hectare (50%)

Classification:   VDP Grosse Lage / "Grand Cru"

Grape varieties:   100% Riesling

Exposition:   South

Slope inclination:   up to 40%

Stone content:   72%

Altitude:   120 - 140 meters above sea level

Soil type:   volcanic rhyolite

First vintage:   1941



Bastei GG Late Release

7 Terroirs (Cuvée, teils Bastei)

Traiser BASTEI A
Traiser BASTEI B
Traiser BASTEI C

Traiser BASTEI Weine

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BASTEI RIESLING GG - 2021 trocken

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