Gut Hermannsberg Club 

Welcome to the exclusive circle of our Customer Club! Here, it's not just grapevines that are closely connected, but also the people who share our passion for premium wines.

If you've already tasted one or more of our wines, you're warmly invited to become a part of our unique wine community.

Joining our Customer Club is remarkably easy. You can sign up for membership after your first wine purchase with us. The best part? Membership is entirely cost-free! Why? Because we believe that the joy of sharing and savoring excellent wine is priceless.

As a member of our club, you'll gain access to exclusive benefits and special offers that no one else can enjoy. Furthermore, we reward your loyalty with an annual credit of 5% on your wine purchases, which we'll deliver to you at the end of the club year in March.

But that's not all. We want to ensure that you're always informed about our latest developments and exclusive events. That's why we regularly send you our Club Newsletter filled with exciting news. Be prepared for special events and offers designed specifically for our club members.


  • Annual credit of 5% on a minimum of €100 annual spending (calculated from March to March) in the form of a discount voucher for your next wine purchase.
  • Members-Only-Events
  • Priority access to VDP.Grossen Gewächsen wines, at least 14 days before the official start of subscriptions
  • Personalized club card
  • Regular club news via email with our exclusive offers and promotions
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We take pride in the passion that fuels our work, and we look forward to sharing it with you. Become a part of our wine community and explore the captivating world of wine with us, in all its facets and flavors.

Join our Customer Club and experience the magic of our wines to the fullest. Registration is easy, membership is free, and the joy of wine knows no bounds. Join us, and let's toast to unforgettable wine moments together!

You can already sign up for the Gut Hermannsberg Club after your first wine purchase with us.

Sign up today and secure your benefits!

Für den Versand unserer Newsletter nutzen wir rapidmail. Mit Ihrer Anmeldung stimmen Sie zu, dass die eingegebenen Daten an rapidmail übermittelt werden. Beachten Sie bitte deren AGB und Datenschutzbestimmungen .

Please be aware that we will revoke your registration if you haven't made any wine purchases with us yet.

Furthermore, the Customer Club is exclusively designed for individual consumers. If it becomes apparent from your email address and registration details that you are an employee or owner of wine specialty stores, hospitality establishments, or wholesalers, your registration will not be accepted either.