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The owners and winemaker are satisfied with the development of the estate, but are sure this will go even further: the goal is balanced vineyards that give small and clean grapes by themselves.

Inhaberfamilie und Karsten Peter

“I don’t regret the purchase!” Jens Reidel underlined his decision during the anniversary celebration at Gut Hermannsberg. Ten years ago he acquired the estate together with Dr. Christine Dinse and they now look back over that period. Many people who were companions along the way were invited. During the greetings there were many hugs and heartfelt wishes. Along with the “Großen Gewächse” from the estate the guests were spoiled with a full program.

Reidel told them how again and again there were surprises and the path often divided. “We have achieved a great deal and hopefully also did something for the Nahe region as a whole. The ten years showed that one may not have any expectations,” Christine Dinse said thoughtfully and with a wry smile. In winegrowing many things can’t be planned, “like life as a whole, you have to take it as it comes”.  Dinse is delighted that both at the estate and in the surrounding area, “history is present at every step.” 

Looking back brought winemaker and co-director Karsten Peter to the conclusion that, “I’m very happy with the development.” However, Peter considers that he has reached 95% of the potential. “The last five percent are the hardest,” but he’s optimistic, “we’ve got a great team, who have fun and that also makes my job fun.” Peter’s goal is: balanced vineyards that give small and clean grapes by themselves that can hang long on the vine to reach optimum ripeness.

Since May 2018 Jasper Reidel is also a co-director of the estate. The son of Jens Reidel was previously a business consultant, but developed a great passion for wine and had already decided after the family purchased the estate to take part in it’s direction at some point. Like Peter, he is a fan of the wine style of the early 20th century and is in full agreement about releasing some Große Gewächse after two years and moving the Kupfergrube to release after five years. “Also in the Prussian Domain period the wines were released later.”


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