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Gut Hermannsberg didn’t always have such great success as today. Only through a radical change in the style of its wines could it win back the reputation the former Royal Prussian Wine Domain enjoyed.


Back to the Top - Gut Hermannsberg

The reputation of the former Royal Prussian Wine Domain had long since faded. However, though a change of name and a radical change in wine style it was possible to channel its former successes. In 2009 Christine Dinse and Jens Reidel took over the estate and, together with Karsten Peter as director, they took it back to the top of the wine scene. Karsten Peter comes from a winegrowing family and knows the recipe for a successful wine estate by heart. The experience he gained as a winemaker, also abroad, quickly gave Gut Hermannsberg back the estate the glorious aura that it had slowly lost. Today it is renowned and loved for its powerful and mineral-tasting dry wines. Riesling dominates in the estates vineyards. The Schlossböckelheimer Riesling and the Niederhäuser Riesling (both QbAs) are just two representatives of this noble white grape. Also a small area of the vineyards is devoted to the production of dry Weißerburgunder (Pinot Blanc). The number of different wines has deliberately been limited, because it should be with their quality rather than with their diversity that they prove themselves. And the critics recognized this: Gault Millau became a lover of the estates wines and awarded Gut Hermannsberg the fourth (of five) grapes. An exceptional success!   


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