Mitarbeiter Interview

Interview with Gudrun Maurer

Gudrun Maurer is the longest-serving employee at GHB and is responsible for processing all sales that are not direct to consumers and for their punctual dispatch. We asked her a few questions…

Gudrun Maurer

When did you join the GHB team?

On the 16th July 2001 I joined the Gutsverwaltung Niederhausen-Schlossböckelheim, as the estate was then called, and since the 1st July 2009 I’ve been employed by Gut Hermannsberg.


How do you see the development of the estate during that period?

Cinderella turned into a princess after the badly run down Nahe State Domain was given new life after its privatization in 1998 through the investment of both money and passion in it. That turned it into an attractive property, then following the property’s purchase by the Reidel family it became one of the best and most beautiful Riesling wine estate’s in the world. That turned the princess into a queen! 


What does your daily work entail?

The processing of orders for wine merchants, restaurants and export,  controlling their dispatch, inventory, organizing labels and other packaging, supervising our sparkling Sekt production, preparing for trade fairs and VDP events, monthly reporting to the estate’s directors.


How does a tough day for you look?

In the morning the really urgent orders that we must turn-around within 24 hours are processed, then it turns out that the wines we want to dispatch aren’t labeled yet, then when they are labeled they’re packed wrong and the parcel service arrives to pick them up early!


What does GHB mean for you?

A stylish and elegant Riesling wine estate in one of the most beautiful places in all of Europe!


Which is your favorite wine?

Our new 7 Terroirs dry Riesling cuvée, because it flows so excitingly over the palate.


Many thanks for talking to us!