Mitarbeiter Interview

Interview with Philipp Wolf

Philipp Wolf is another long-term member of our team. As our vineyard manager he’s primarily responsible for the care of the vines. We asked him a few questions…

Philipp Wolf


Since when have you been a member of the GHB team?

I started when the wine estate still belonged to the Maurer family. I began work here on the 1st February 2006 after completing an apprenticeship as a mechanic for agricultural machinery. From the workshop to the vineyard!


How do you see the development of GHB?

After many years of delayed investments GHB is now one of the best-equipped wine producers in the region. It’s great to be one of the people responsible for the continuing steadily improvement in wine quality.


How does your daily work at the estate look?

I’m responsible for the quality-orientated cultivation of the vineyards. I also have to maintain all our machines and look after our seasonal vineyard workers.


Do you have something like a routine in the vineyards through the changing season and the tasks tied to them?

Working with nature means continually adapting your working pattern to her development. Although our work in the vineyards is structured the same way every year we have to adjust a lot of details to the nature of the season.


How does a tough day for you look?

Starting early in the morning and finishing late in the evening.


What does GHB mean for you?

Over and above the everyday work Gut Hermannsberg has been an important part of my personal development.


Which is your favorite wine and what do you like to drink after the end of the working day?

My favorite wine is the very mineral dry Riesling Steinterrassen, and after week I like to drink a beer with my colleagues.


Many thanks for talking to us!