Harvest Report 2021

"Harvest good, all is well!"
After all, we winemakers are rarely satisfied with the weather, most of the time you hear us complain, too wet or too dry, too cold or too warm. Looking back, we are really satisfied with the weather at the beginning of the year.
Sufficient precipitation in winter and spring came early. Not too cold or too warm, unspectacular in the best sense.


The somewhat delayed budding saved us from major frost damage and allowed us to hope for a normal year with not too
early start of the harvest.
During the cooler phase immediately afterwards, we observed great differences in the development of the young shoots, and even more obvious was the spreading of the individual plots.
A year for the really great sites seemed to be coming.
The rainfall in the spring and during the summer was perfect for the vines on our poor rocky soils. Meanwhile, the humid, warm weather provided ideal conditions not only for the growth of our vines, but also for the powdery mildew fungi. A great challenge to keep the young shoots and their grapes vital and healthy and to do the foliage work in time - much, much hard manual work.
At this point, many thanks again to all the hardworking hands that have never tired mastered this challenge.

As has been said so many times before and perhaps rarely as true as this year, the last weeks before harvest decide everything. And so the dry spell from late August to mid-October came at the perfect time. Enough time for the soils to dry out a bit.
In the proverbial "golden October", which with its splendor of colors in the forests around our vineyards, was as magnificent as rarely, we could finally start the Riesling harvest.
The long wait had an end, small berried, perfectly ripened Riesling grapes. No sugar monsters, but grapes with classic acid structure and enormously energetic tension, had ripened and let the anticipation of a real Riesling vintage rise.
Long longed for and now finally arrived. Cool wines, with a huge arc of tension, real long-distance runners. This is the promise of the 2021s.