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Vom Schiefer
Niederhäuser Hermannsberg

VOM SCHIEFER Niederhausen - RIESLING dry

19,90 €
(26,53 €/L)

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Item number:228113
Categories:VDP. Ortsweine,Riesling,dry

At once rich yet cool and finely nuanced, this wine comes from 12 – 30+ year old Riesling vines in our monopole Hermannsberg VDP Grosse Lage / “Grand Cru”, plus plots of mature vines where the quality didn’t quite meet the very high standard for our GGs. A dry white wine with generous peachy fruit and citrus notes that are entwined with the delicate minerality through the precise long finish.


Contains sulfits, product of Germany/Nahe

Verantwortlicher Lebensmittelunternehmer gemäß Art. 8 Abs. 1 LMIV:
Gut Hermannsberg Weinhandels GmbH
Ehemalige Weinbaudomäne
55585 Niederhausen-Nahe

key data
Net filling quantity
Alcohol content
12.50% Vol.

Niederhäuser Hermannsberg

Every visitor experiences the slopes of our monopole Hermannsberg vineyard during the drive from our gateway to the winery, and many of them tell us this ensemble of great vineyards and historic architecture reminds them of Bordeaux Châteaux. Though not 200 meters away from the legendary Kupfergrube, the Hermannsberg could hardly be more different: clay-slate beneath a layer of loess, a powdery material literally gone with the wind and brought to us that way during the ice ages. In their youth the wines are beautifully balanced with a noble reserve, their secrets blossoming with the years!


Our Riesling "Vom Schiefer" goes perfect to salad on warm summer days or also to pasta.

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