Vine Sponsorship

"Own Vine for 3 Years - 3 Vintages VDP.ORTSWEIN (village wine) "Vom Schiefer" & VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS (grand cru) Hermannsberg GG 

With the vine sponsorship, you become a temporary owner of one of our vines in the exclusive Hermannsberg vineyard or give a very special gift to a loved one.

Hermannsberg Einzelpfahl

Our 5.5-hectare exclusive vineyard, Hermannsberg, which also lends its name to the estate, stretches from the entrance gate along the driveway to the main building. This vista resembles the wine châteaux of Bordeaux. Hermannsberg is the only one of our 7 grand cru (GG) vineyards with a clay slate soil, which is the source of the fine mineral character in Hermannsberg wines. A layer of loess (fine windblown soil) covers the slate at various depths, imparting a smoothness to the wines.

The vines available for sponsorship are grown right in front of our estate building using the single stake training system, an ancient and traditional method that ensures a small yield of grapes with the highest quality. Each of the only 187 vines grows on its own stake, basking in the sun and is not trained, as is typical in modern viticulture, on a wire trellis.

The Sponsorship

Sponsoring a vine in our VDP.GROSSEN LAGE (grand cru site) Hermannsberg is the perfect gift for wine enthusiasts. Whether you're treating yourself or searching for a gift for a loved one, this sponsorship is a special way to share the joy of wine and a unique experience.

A metal plaque engraved with the sponsor's name will be affixed to the vine. The vine can be visited at any time and its growth can be followed. Additionally, all sponsors are invited to an exclusive 'Blossom Festival' in the spring.

Sponsors will receive two bottles of wine from the Hermannsberg vineyard each year. One bottle of 'Vom Schiefer' VDP.ORTSWEIN and one bottle of Hermannsberg VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS (grand cru). The sponsorship lasts for 3 years, providing sponsors with three vintages of 'Vom Schiefer' and Hermannsberg VDP.GROSSES GEWÄCHS over the entire period.

Upon ordering, you will receive a high-quality, personalized certificate specifying the location of your own vine. Along with the first bottle of wine (starting between September and April with Hermannsberg GG, and starting between April and September with Vom Schiefer), the certificate will be delivered by mail within a few days.

Please note that affixing the personalized plaque may take a few days.

Sponsorships in Hermannsberg are limited to 100 vines.

You can directly establish your own 3-year sponsorship or order it as a gift in our online shop.